5 Things an university therapist Can Do for your needs

5 Things an university therapist Can Do for your needs

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A university therapist must be a method consultant, mentor, and cheerleader all rolled into one. Discover why you want an university therapist and exactly how your therapist fits into the general application schedule.

Most high schools have actually one or more on-site college therapist to advise pupils on choosing and signing up to universities. Once the point individual for the applications , university counselors help keep you along with due dates and graduation demands and finally deliver your official transcript to universities. They could additionally support you in finding schools that fit you , recognize dream/match/safety schools , finish your FAFSA , art strong application that is school-specific , and assistance manage anxiety and anxiety. Supplementing the help you get in college, separate admission counselors can act as another great resource for the admissions procedure.

Listed below are five reasons you want your university counselors.

1. Decrease your college stress

Applications are stressful. 7 away from 10 participants on our 2017 university Hopes & Worries study gauged their anxiety levels as “high” or “very high.” Understanding that you will find university specialists in your part will make a big difference. During the Princeton Review, our university counselors can be found face-to-face when you have concern (or perhaps require some support).

2. Produce a college wish list

Speaking by having a university therapist regarding the ambitions and objectives will allow you to find out just what you truly want away from university. Does your best-fit college run a favorite co-operative training system? Are you searching for a student body that is politically active ? Conversations along with your therapist about what’s important to you with regards to academics, campus tradition, and educational funding will assist guide your current college search.

3. Find and compare universities

You can find a huge selection of universities available to you, additionally the school that is right your specific character and objectives could be an Ivy League or it could be a college you have actuallyn’t been aware of (yet!). University counselors are professionals at working out for you research schools after which narrowing your list to your universities you need to concentrate on.

4. allow you to increase towards the top

In a competitive applicant pool, a stellar university application is all about more than simply grades and SAT/ACT ratings . Your university therapist will allow you to place the rest of the application to inform the tale of who you really are throughout your essays, extracurricular tasks, and letters of suggestion. Counselors understand which essay subjects are overdone, steps to make good utilization of supplementary materials, and exactly how to spell out an uncharacteristic grade that is bad admissions committees.

5. Select right school for your

Your university counselors can help you create your set of fantasy, match, and writer paper safety schools and create the application that is right for the university wishlist. So when those acceptances roll in, your counselors assist you to compare programs and educational funding packages so that you make the proper choice for your needs.

University Counseling Timeline

University counselors allow you to appear along with your most useful admissions strategy, nonetheless they additionally be sure you remain on track. All things considered, juniors and seniors are juggling signing up to universities as well as their classes that are regular extracurriculars.

Our junior/senior 12 months schedule shows you what you need to do so when to go to your ideal university (and just how your university therapist might help).

Junior 12 Months

Summer time (before)


just take the PSAT. Sign up for the SAT and/or ACT. Consult with an university therapist about what you desire from the university experience.

Cold Temperatures

Take the SAT and/or ACT. Keep producing a listing of universities based on what’s essential to you personally with regards to academics, campus tradition, and educational funding. Make use of your university therapist to slim down record.


Maintain drafting your listing of dream, match, and security schools along with your university therapist. Start visiting campuses. Utilize your university therapist to create your university application strategy. Demand letters of suggestion before school lets down!

Summer time (after)

Maintain schools that are visiting in order to finalize your university list. Should you retake the SAT or ACT? Brainstorm subjects with your college therapist, and commence drafting the application essays. Begin trying to get scholarships.

Year senior


Are you going to use early? Determine action that is very early early choice along with your university therapist. Fill in the most popular Application. If you’re using decision that is early applications are due in November!


Applications for regular choice are due in January! Review your essay and application together with your university therapist to be sure you’re placing your foot that is best ahead. Accepted Early Choice? Hurray! Withdraw your regular choice applications. Complete and submit the FAFSA.


Recognition letters mailed away. Commemorate your acceptances along with your university therapist, and then make your concluding decision.

Summer Time

Benefit from the summer time and get ready for college!

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