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Responding to customer support emails and forums. You want to understand the expectations your customers have with your app. Fiverr takes away the risk of working with the wrong freelancer. « We look for unique apps that solve a niche problem for merchants, meet our success guidelines , and offer excellent customer support . « It doesn’t have to be anything that’ll break the bank, but it’s an easy way to show your appreciation for the user taking time to test your app and write up a review. A professional, well-designed website will provide potential users with more information about your app and increase your legitimacy. 26. Think of the long-term strategy and how SEO efforts including domain authority and ranking above your competition will benefit your brand in the long-run. It’s never too early to start marketing your app. If you do try it, make sure you measure it (check out what we said above about marketing channels) so you know if it works or not.