Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar in Ill Wellness and Near Destitute, Allen Cunningham Says

Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar in Ill Wellness and Near Destitute, Allen Cunningham Says

Ray Bitar was forced to surrender $40 million after pleading guilty to charges related to his time as CEO at Full Tilt, but avoided a prison sentence that is harsh.

Poker pro Allen Cunningham says that former Comprehensive Tilt CEO Ray Bitar is struggling with health conditions and hasn’t been living the life that is high all since his sentencing this past year, despite what some poker fans may think. Those comments arrived within the center of a TwoPlusTwo.com forums thread discussing the facts of the assets that Bitar was forced to forfeit as an element of his punishment for crimes associated with their time as mind of the poker site that is infamous.

‘According to my sources Ray Bitar is unlikely to live no more than a couple years and it is nearly penniless,’ Cunningham published in a reply to the ‘conspiracy theorists’ whom advised that Bitar faked his heart disease to get a more lenient deal year that is last. ‘He didn’t get away with anything. That should be worth more than a nvger that is random gossip as I had been member of team full tilt.’ [sic]

Guilty of Comprehensive Tilt Charges

Bitar had been sentenced April that is last to served after pleading guilty to costs of unlawful Internet gambling and conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraudulence. That phrase additionally included the forfeiture of $40 million in assets that had been produced from his work on Full Tilt. At that

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South Korea Mohegan Sun Mega Casino Bid Would Land Near Incheon Airport in Seoul

South Korea Mohegan Sun Mega Casino Bid Would Land Near Incheon Airport in Seoul

Incheon Airport, within the South capital that is korean of, could 1 day host Mohegan Sun’s planned casino resort. The atmosphere travel hub attracts numerous millions of key Asian visitors each year.

Mohegan Sun may have lost the battle for a Massachusetts casino, but that hasn’t stopped the business from bidding for a wildly ambitious $l.6 billion project that is new South Korea.

The tribal gaming operator is proposing to create the nation’s largest gambling resort at one of the world’s busiest travel hubs, Incheon airport terminal, nearby the country’s capital city of Seoul.

The casino would function as centerpiece of an also larger development that could include a twin-tower luxury hotel with 1,000 rooms, a 20,000-seat arena, an amusement park, and nearly 200,000 square feet of shopping, food, and activity space. The casino itself would house 50 roulette and blackjack tables, and 1,500 slot machines.

‘It’s going to be a spectacular, multifaceted destination casino resort,’ Mitchell Etess, chief professional of the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, told the Boston Globe. ‘High-rollers can get on a jet that is private land, and always check right in to the hotel. It’d be perfect for James Bond.’

(We wonder if Bond is still playing poker fingers such as the main one that won him €115 million in the infamous Casino Royale scene where he beat out a table of flushes and full houses aide

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90-year-old Woman rejected $41.7 Million Jackpot from ‘Malfunctioning’ Slot

90-year-old Woman rejected $41.7 Million Jackpot from ‘Malfunctioning’ Slot

90-year-old grandmother Pauline Mckee will have to produce do with $1.85, rather than the $41.7 million jackpot she believed she had won on a slot machine in Illinois.

The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that a neighborhood casino does not have to pay a $41.7 million jackpot to one of its customers adhering to a slot machine malfunction.

Instead, 90-year-old grandmother Pauline Mckee, of Antioch, must be content with the $1.85 payout that the device could have awarded had it been functioning correctly.

McKee was playing the Miss Kitty penny slot machine at the Isle Casino Hotel in Waterloo, where she was a guest during a 2011 family reunion, when she believed she’d hit the big one.

Whilst the reels came to rest, the language ‘$41,797,550 bonus honor’ flashed up on the display screen.

But the casino refused to cover up, pointing out that the device had a payout that is maximum of $10,000.

Instead, she ended up being paid the $1.85 she had actually won from the spin, as well as the $18.10 in credit remaining on the machine, while the device itself was sent away for independent technical analysis.

Tests revealed that the device’s computer had erroneously determined it possessed a bonus award.

Malfunction Voids All Pays

McKee sued for breach of contract and consumer fraud, a filing that was dismissed in 2013 by a region court judge. This week the Supreme Court upheld that ruling, noting that a sign on

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GBGA Takes on UK Gambling Bill Point of Consumption Tax

GBGA Takes on UK Gambling Bill Point of Consumption Tax

Scales of Justice: The GBGA launches an extra appropriate challenge, this time up against the point of consumption tax.

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) has launched a second challenge to the new British Gambling Bill, AKA the Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Act, having seen its initial challenge trashed of London High Court earlier into the month.

Even though the organization’s first challenge contested the Act itself, the demand that is new a judicial review focuses solely regarding the brand new point of consumption tax, which, as being a taxation issue rather than a licensing problem, has been going through separate legal procedures.

The point of consumption tax will introduce a 15 per cent duty on all gambling operators that want to activate aided by the market that is british most of whom must be licensed and regulated in the UK.

Again, the GBGA will argue that the legislation is unlawful and that the point of consumption income tax breaches Article 56 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which deals with all the movement that is free of across borders between EU member states.

Rogue Operators

‘This tax is a restriction on the provisions of solutions,’ stated the GBGA. ‘There are no comparable precedents regarding the UK Government seeking to tax entities abroad in respect of the provision of solutions into great britain without going through the appropriate r

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Bet365 Online Asia Gambling Site Winning Big

Bet365 Online Asia Gambling Site Winning Big

On line gambling and wagering web site Bet365 is extremely active in China, regardless of the federal government’s attempts to block usage of its epidermis sites.

Bet365 targets customers in Asia using a number of techniques designed to get around federal government restrictions there, claims a recent report by The Guardian. In accordance with that account, bet365 is one of the most successful online gambling companies in China, even though they haven’t any assets or physical presence in the nation.

It’s no secret that China is one of the most gambling that is lucrative in the globe. Its players from mainland Asia have helped make Macau the world’s gambling hub that is largest, while wealthy Chinese VIPs help increase the bottom lines of gambling enterprises in Las Vegas and round the globe. But the government that is chinese a tight hold on what on line gambling can be offered legally, with only a few limited bets being permitted.

Thriving in Market That Many Avoid

That does not mean that some organizations will not make an effort to find their way into the untapped market, nonetheless. While several gambling that is major say they do not offer their services in China (the report specifically mentions William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betfair and Paddy Power as all saying they cannot take any wagers there), some do, and bet365 seems to be one of the largest operators that are active in the Chinese Internet gaming market.


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